Waiting for Jesus (Again)

During the season of Advent, the Church asks Christians to look expectantly for the coming of Jesus. Our Sunday worship begins to emphasize the promises that God makes about this event in the Holy Scriptures: that evil will be punished and the Messiah will reign forever over a kingdom of bliss. These promises begin to be fulfilled in Jesus’ incarnation and Nativity, which is why we study these themes in the weeks before Christmas. But Jesus himself makes some startling prophesies about the time when God’s promises will find their final and ultimate fulfillment. St. Paul echoes and amplifies these teachings, and the Revelation to John draws on all these images to communicate the nature of Jesus’ Second Coming. Tune in on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm via Zoom, and join us for the study of the Bible’s teachings about the end of days. Each class is self-contained, so drop in and out as you’re available. You can watch the recorded sessions here.

Six Psalms for Living

In this 6-part online series led by Fr. Thorpe, we explored some of the most-loved and most-misunderstood Psalms of David. Learn about David in all his heroism and struggles, discover something about ancient Hebrew language and poetry, and practice how to make the Psalms come alive for our own spiritual lives. Whether you’ve loved the Psalms for decades or are just discovering them for the first time, this study will strengthen your connection with God through these ancient poetical treasures. You can watch the recorded sessions here.


Jack recorded several of our favorite hymns with words, and added the readings for Sunday, June 14th. It uploaded as two files, so be sure to watch Part 1 and Part 2!


Trinity Sunday – June 7th

Here is a sampling of music and the readings for Trinity Sunday


Easter Sunday – April 12, 2020

Our first recording was for Easter Sunday. And includes readings, prayers and some of your favorite Easter Hymns.


Samplers from Jack

Jack also shared a few recordings of his performances over the years. It’s a sampling of many different locations and songs. Enjoy!