Who’s doing what this month…

September 2019

September 15, 2019

ALTAR FLOWERS are given today by Co and Iris Soulé in memory of Iris’s father, Emmett Altroggee.

SANCTUARY CANDLE: is given today by Co and Iris Soulé in memory of Major Fred Yates, killed in action, Vietnam, September 13, 1969.

MLT meets today at 11:15 am.

DARROW DEANERY MEETING: Today at 2:00 pm, St George’s, Belleville.

FR. BOASE: Next Sunday, September 22nd, Fr. Boase will be celebrating the Eucharist with us as Fr. Ian will be away in Greece. We will have a shared meal that day as well, in celebration of his 45th anniversary of ordination. Please bring something to share with everyone else (main course, salad, dessert etc).

SAFETY: In light of the growing gun-violence crisis in America, we have begun to keep the entrance doors at St Michael’s locked at all times- yes, even on Sunday mornings. It’s been our ushers’ long-time practice to open the door as people approach and greet them with a smile. So the change shouldn’t really be that noticeable. It’s truly regrettable that we and many other houses of worship have deemed it necessary to do this, but such is life in our day. We already have a silent alarm system with strategically placed panic buttons to alert the police, and will be adding components to it, as well as installing door knobs on interior doors which can easily be locked from the inside. The bottom line is your safety and security. So please bear with us, and please, please pray for and end to this crisis. IW+

SOO…EEE! SOO…EEE! THE PIGS ARE BEING CALLED HOME: It is time for us to call the pink pigs home! If you have been putting your spare change into a St. Michael’s pink pig, please bring them to the church anytime. The collection received goes directly to paying down our mortgage. We are collecting this a little earlier than usual this year to get the amount applied before the end of the year. The Pink Pig spare change collection challenge is to find all the spare change around your house – in drawers and in the laundry, in your car and in your purses. If you do not have a pink pig, they are available and can be found on the narthex table. If you have questions, please speak to Ann Wilt (618-977-1187).

OCTOBERFEST CELEBRATION: Dear St. Michael’s ‘Festive Foodies,’ (Dennis Amos’ description.) It has become a neat St. Michael’s custom! It’s fall, so it’s time again for our parish family to observe the season – our Octoberfest Celebration. That means we gather together to eat and drink in traditional fashion at a German restaurant – our choice once again is the Roemer Topf. So set the date and time aside and put a Post-a-Note on the refrigerator – Friday, October 25 at 6:00 pm. (Pull the note and leave the refrigerator at home.) Is this a family affair? You betya! Of course, bring your kids, the relatives you like, even mothers-in-law (who drag alone fathers-in-law), and any close friends you have worth the price of dinner. This year, the Roemer Topf is not offering a buffet, so you will be ordering off their complete dinner menu. A sign-up sheet awaits in the narthex for your name and number of seats required. Please sign up as soon as you can commit, as a total count will be required by the restaurant about a week before we show up. If you are unable to sign up at the church, but desire to attend with your party, please contact me as soon as you can. For those who need the address of the restaurant, it is 1415 McKinley Street, Mascoutah, Illinois, 62258. Your faithful servant, Nick Wartonick (alter ego of Dennis Amos), 618-628-0858 (H) or 618-406-6907 (M).

FALL BIBLE STUDY! Wednesday night bible study is on break for two weeks and will resume on October 2nd at 6:30 pm. PROGRESSIVE DINNER: Our annual progressive dinner will be held on Saturday, September 28th at 6:00 pm. The cost is $10.00 for each couple. Our hosts/hostesses will be the Wilts for appetizers and the Wetmores for desserts. The sign-up sheets are on the table in the narthex. This is a fellowship event which you will enjoy very much. We get to taste different recipes and visit with each other, so please join us! You will be asked to bring an appetizer or dessert. If you have any questions, please contact Yasemin Koss at 618-628-2968. Thank you. Yasemin.

EMERGENCY HELP NEEDED: There is a family at St. Michael’s that is in need of emergency help. They are now trying to find a house to live in, and once there, will need furnishings. Financial help is the most serious, pressing, current need to get them set up in a house, preferably in the O’Fallon community, where the children go to school, and with a car. Just imagine all the aspects of your life that would need to be addressed. The Pastoral Care Committee has been working on this situation and the members are assisting the family in many ways, including resumé preparation, lawyer referral, housing, food and so on. But we need your help! There is an income but it does not cover all the immediate or long-term needs. Can you help? If you would like to make a financial donation, please make a cheque payable to: St. Michael’s Vicar’s Discretionary Fund and place it in the offering plate. If you have questions, or know of other ways to help, please speak to Tiffany Tergesen (386-546-7639) or Ann Wilt (618-977-1187).

KAIROS MENARD #17: Kairos held its first formation meeting on August 17th. The Menard #17 weekend will be October 17-20th. Dennis Anglin will again be serving on the Inside Team and is asking you to join him by supporting the inside team with prayer, placemats, cookies and monetary donations. The cookie guidelines are available in the narthex and are needed no later than October 9th. Please contact Dennis for more information at or 618-670-9627.

UPDATE ON DANTÉ: Danté will be taking the next step in his journey on October 3rd at the Nashotah House Theological Seminary. RESIDENTIAL MATRICULATION CEREMONY – 4:30 pm in St. Mary’s Chapel. Guest preacher: The Rev. Canon Dr. Ashley Null. Please keep Danté and the Nashotah House staff, faculty, seminarians and their families in your prayers. Abiding, Dennis.

BUDDY BENCHES: Rosemary is collecting plastic bottle tops and plastic lids. They are used for Buddy Benches in schools. If a child sits on a Buddy Bench then it gives a sign a child is in need of friendship. Also, the Scouts have uses for them as well. It would be very helpful if you would collect them for me. Rosemary’s number is: (573) 433-1146.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: Our next meeting will be this Thursday, September 19th (and every third Thursday of each month thereafter). If you have any questions please speak to Yasemin.

MAT-MAKERS’ GROUP: Our mat makers’ group is starting to meet again on Thursday mornings from 10-12. We have a loyal, fun group and would love to have you join us. Our mission is to help the homeless during the coming cold-weather months. If you can fold, cut, crochet or just like to visit, we need you! Please come! Any questions please contact Judie Payne at Thank you .