For Sunday, March 5th

March 2021 Server Schedule

Readings for Sunday, March 7th

This is the schedule of services I will be sending out live links to this Sunday.


The announcements are being posted on this page and are updated weekly. They are not being printed in the Sunday bulletin. If you wish to have a printed copy of the announcements, please contact the church office.

IN PERSON WORSHIP: We have resumed in person worship services on Sundays with Morning Prayer at 8:30 am and Holy Eucharist Rite I at 9:30 am. We have taped the pews to guide everyone on where to sit to maximize social distancing. Everyone must wear a face mask properly fit over their nose and mouth for the service. If you would like to join us next week, please contact the church office by Friday at 3 pm.


SANCTUARY CANDLE is given today by Priscilla Arsenault in thanksgiving for our St. Michael’s community.

BIRTHDAYS:  Alex Konieczny  3/10 & Co Soulé  3/12

EASTER LILIES: Would you like to donate lilies this Easter to decorate our altar? We are asking members of our church family to donate $16.00 per plant. Please email the church office at or call 618-632-6168 with your request. (Unfortunately, our usual sign-up sheets are still discouraged.) You may also submit a hard copy of your request on Sunday. We need to know how many lilies you want to donate and how you want your acknowledgement to appear including: given by, in memory of, in honor of, and in thanksgiving for.

Checks should be made payable to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, memo: Easter Lilies. The last day to order is Friday, March 12th at 2pm. If you submit your quantity by March 12th at 2pm, you can still send your dedications after the 12th. Please call the office with any questions.

MARK KLAMER WILL BE ORDAINED to the Sacred Order of Deacons on Sunday, March 7th at 5pm. Unfortunately, in person attendance is restricted due to COVID. You can view it live though from home. The ordination mass will be livestreamed on the Cathedral Facebook page here. Your prayers for this important step in his ministry are appreciated.

THE WAY OF THE CROSS:  Since we can’t gather together to pray the Way (or Stations) of the Cross, Fr. Thorpe has recorded a video version you can use at home. You can use this link to watch the video on YouTube. You can follow along using this file of The Way of the Cross with pictures of the stations at St. Michael’s.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE MARCH 5TH!  — 2021 USO AND FISHER HOUSE DONATIONS DRIVE: There is still time to participate! Please read Nick Wartonick’s March 5th letter to see how it’s going. Read the latest letter here.

SOUPER BOWL 2021 UPDATE: The final results are in and St Michael’s finished in second place by a margin of less than one “can equivalent” (dollars plus cans of soup, with $1 = one can).”  As you might remember from last week’s announcement, we collected 220 cans of soup and $695 in monetary donations.  In order to make the competition as fair as possible, given that the membership size among the participating churches ranges a great deal from small congregations like ours to large ones such as St Clare Catholic with hundreds of families, the total score for each participating church is divided by the number of families in the church.  Our score was 14.787 “can equivalents” per family and the winner is O’Fallon UMC.  The competition raised over 8000 can equivalents for the O’Fallon Food Pantry which was great to see.  Thank you again for your exceptional support for this worthwhile cause. 

CARRIEL JR HIGH SCHOOL BENCH COMMITTEE COLLECTION:  In conjunction with Green Tree Plastic ABC Promise Program, the students at Carriel Jr High School are collecting caps and lids in an amount equal to the weight of a bench for their school.  They are halfway there and need help to complete this project before the end of school.  Donations can be dropped off at St Michael’s for delivery to Carriel Junior High office.   A box will be on the table in the Narthex.  If you have any questions, please call Ann Wilt (618-977-1187).

Acceptable donations (Plastic Only, under 8” in diameter) include medicine bottle caps, milk jug/creamer caps, detergent caps, hair spray caps, toothpaste caps, deodorant caps, apple sauce pouch caps, soda/water/juice/sports drink caps, flip top (ketchup) caps, spout (mustard) caps, spray paint can caps, ointment tube caps, baby food caps, shampoo or conditioner caps, cottage cheese lids, yogurt lids, mayonnaise jar lids, peanut butter lids, ice cream bucket (under 8” in diameter) lids, cool whip container lids, Pringle can lids, coffee can lids, butter lids, cream cheese container lids, and spice lids.

LENTEN MATERIALS: “Lent Madness Saintly Scorecard 2021” booklets and “Join the Journey through Lent 2021” posters are available in the Narthex.  Pick them up if you’re interested! The Lent Madness information is also available online if you are prefer, click here.

Devotional booklets produced by Nashotah House are also available on the table in the Narthex. They are also available on their website. You can actually sign up for daily emails of the devotionals.

FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS: We are going to be posting videos on our Facebook page more often. Facebook’s algorithm is famous for hiding things you actually want to see. To ensure you see our posts when you open your Facebook newsfeed, here’s what you need to do. How To Follow Our Page and See Our Posts on Facebook These are step by step instructions. If you need assistance, please contact the office.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: We will not meet in February but we resume our meetings on Thursday, March 18 at 10:00.   Father Thorpe blessed many shawls recently, so we will be busy with putting those together for distribution. Everyone, stay safe and we shall see you in March.

MATMAKERS: If you are looking for something to do inside during the cold winter days, we have just the thing for you! We need your help! We need “plarn” makers for our matmakers project for the homeless. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s fast, and you will be lending a helping hand to people that really need it. We will furnish you with the supplies needed, instruction (which is so minimum) and even bring the supplies to you if you need us to bring them. If you can crochet, we can use your help in that department, too. If you can help, please call the church office and let Erin know or contact me by e mail, Why not watch your favorite tv show and make plarn? We could sure use your help

UPDATE FROM THE TREASURER:  Keeping up with your Pledge sometimes is difficult, but there are other methods of making those donations to charities that will have less impact and can help in paying your taxes. Two ways are through transfer of stock and by use of Qualified Charitable Distributions from your IRA. The descriptions below are brief so you should consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

Stock Transfer: Perhaps you have shares of stock that you bought early in your life and now have appreciated in value so much that to sell would generate considerable Capital Gains and your taxes would increase. You can, instead, transfer the actual shares of stock directly from your investment company to St. Michael’s or your charity of choice. If done this way, you can deduct the value of the stock, if you are using itemized deductions, as a charitable contribution and you have accomplished the donations you desire. This is available without age restriction. At St. Michael’s, contact Ann Wilt for the specifics to process this type of donation, and you should consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017, established the ability to contribute to a charity directly from an IRA and exclude that amount from income. This option is available for those who turned age 70 1/2 and are subject to a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from the IRA. A QCD is a donation that can be part of this RMD, and it goes directly from the IRA to a charity. When the RMD is distributed, the taxable amount is reduced by the amount of the QCD. It is especially valuable because many seniors do not itemize deductions and thus do not get a tax benefit from charitable contributions. This allows you to make a charitable contribution and reduce the potential impact of your tax liability of the RMD that you must take — for example, your pledge to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.

The SECURE Act did not change this rule. So even though you are not subject to RMDs, if you are older than 70 1/2, you can make QCDs. If you contribute to an IRA after age 70 1/2 and make a QCD, you must reduce the amount excluded from income by the post contribution.

If you are 72, own an IRA and donate to a charity, QCDs may make sense to you. Consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

Following is a link to an excellent user-friendly article concerning QCDs:

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) – Fidelity

OFFERING ENVELOPES: Envelopes are available for your Weekly offering on the Narthex Table. Please look to see if your named box is still there. If you do not have a box, please take one and mark your name and the box number on the sign up sheet.

MONETARY DONATIONS/CONTRIBUTIONS: Thank you to all for the wonderful financial support in 2020. Despite COVID-19 and our limited ability to attend in person, we were able to keep up with all our commitments and now look forward to 2021. If you are attending St. Michael’s from home or if you’d like to mail in your contribution, please mail to the church at: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 111 O’Fallon Troy Road, O’Fallon, IL 62269.Many thanks to those of you who have also sent financial contributions to the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund. These funds assist St. Michael’s members, as well as calls for Outreach from the community, who have been impacted by the current pandemic or other circumstances. Your generosity has made a difference.

STAYING IN TOUCH: We’d like to know if there are any members who are ill, feeling isolated, or in need of basics that we can provide.  Please keep the communications coming to the church office via email at or by phone at 618-632-6168.  Email, postal service mail, and voice messages are checked regularly and we will reply as promptly as possible.

PASTORAL CARE: If you know of a member with a pastoral need or who is in the hospital, please contact Fr. John Thorpe, Amy Konieczny or Jack Moelmann.



BISHOP SEARCH – 3/3/2021 UPDATE FROM THE ELECTION COMMITTEE:  The Election Committee meeting on Saturday, February 13, 2021 began with a devotional by Henri Nouwen which reminded us that “whenever we opt for and not against one another, we make God’s unconditional love visible; we are diminishing violence and giving birth to a new community.” It is with that love in mind that we labor and are thus happy to present you with an update.  Of note, hearing from each person in the Diocese in order to accurately represent the Diocese of Springfield in our Diocesan Profile is what the listening phase of the search for the 12th Bishop of Springfield is all about, and we will be launching into high gear very shortly. Be on the lookout soon for how you can complete the Survey on-line (it’s a very user-friendly interface) or on your mobile device. We will also distribute paper copies for those who need them. The Survey will be followed by Listening Sessions to obtain additional feedback; we are planning both in person and virtual options by deanery. For a full update on the Election Committee’s work, please see the latest post on the Bishop Search Blog here.

The approved timeline for the election and consecration of our 12th Bishop may be viewed on the Diocese of Springfield website.

UPDATE FROM THE STANDING COMMITTEE:  As our Bishop’s sabbatical begins, news on our ongoing diocesan ministry from the Standing Committee can be found on the Bishop Search blog.

Something you can do is pray for us and the Diocese of Springfield:  Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on this your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a bishop for this Diocese, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will guard the faith, care for your people, and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

THE CHURCH PERIODICAL CLUB is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Printed Word and to the Promotion of Christian Mission. The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Springfield join this ministry by gathering donations from the Eucharistic Communities of the diocese to help defray the cost of books for our seminarians. We thank you for your donations.

We would like you to know that any member of the Anglican Communion can apply for a grant to purchase written materials for children’s or church programs. More information including applications is available online at the CPC website, as well as in the two attached pdf files.