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for the week of Epiphany 3 – January 21

ALTAR FLOWERS are given by Nels and Ann Wilt in Thanksgiving for Life at St. Michael’s.

SANCTUARY LIGHT is given by Co and Iris Soulé in Thanksgiving for Family.

2018 CALENDARS: The new 2018 Church Calendars are available in the office. If you wish to purchase one at $2.00, please leave the money in the top drawer of Polly’s desk.

ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION TO THE MISSION LEADERSHIP TEAM: Our Annual Meeting and Elections to the MLT will take place TODAY!  According to the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield, members of our congregational family, at least 18 years of age, who are communicants in good standing and who have been confirmed by a Bishop of this Church or received into this Church as having been properly confirmed, are eligible for election.  Please join us downstairs after service for a shared meal followed by the meeting.

WE HAVE KIDS IN CHURCH!  And now that they’re with us for the entire service (“It is meet and right so to do.”), we don’t want to prolong their parents’ agony by prolonging announcements.  So after consultation with the MLT, we’re going to try this: Fr. Ian will point out the really important items in the bulletin that are in need of your special attention; then if there’s anything really deserving immediate attention, which didn’t make it into the bulletin, someone may step up to the microphone to make it known.  But there won’t be any time given to duplicating at the microphone what’s already been distributed.  We think it’s far more important to be able to socialize with people, at least for a few minutes after the service, who might otherwise need to leave.  ALSO, we’re attempting to clean out the room opposite the library at the back of the parish hall to make it kid-friendly, with furniture, games, etc.  But until then the foosball table will have to stay where it is.  And of course, little kids are going to go wherever and make noise, and that’s okay because that’s how God made them.  Thank you for your support.  Ian+

“SOUPER” BOWL SUNDAY – FEB 4th:  At this point in time, we have not received notification that there will be a competition this year amongst churches in O’Fallon to gather cans of soup for the Food Pantry.  However, we would like to keep the tradition going, at least in house, and therefore we will be gathering cans of soup to donate to the Food Pantry, beginning this Sunday thru Feb 4th.  If you have an idea for a prize (not of great monetary value) for the person/family that donates the most cans of soup, please contact Nels Wilt at 618-977-1115 with your suggestions.

ANNUAL PANCAKE/WAFFLE DAY: On Tuesday, February 13th (Shrove Tuesday, day before Ash Wednesday), we will have our 11th Annual Pancake & Waffle Day, which is a great fundraiser for St. Michael’s.  It is also a great opportunity to get to know your St. Michael’s family a little better.  Talk it up with your friends and neighbors.  To make this a success, we need your help in buying and selling tickets, as well as with set-up and working in various areas on the day of the event.  A sign-up sheet is on the notice board as you come into the Narthex, so please sign up and help us make this event a success again!

CHRISTIAN FORMATION CLASSES:  Classes have resumed and begin each Sunday morning at 8:30.  The coffee pot is always on, so please come join us.  All ages are welcome!

PRAYER CHAIN: Jayne Touchstone is the new co-ordinator for the Prayer Chain. There is a sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex if you would like to be part of that ministry. As information comes in, we will be texting the group, so please provide your phone number and email.  Jayne may be contacted at 850-855-7025.

FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY:  Financial Peace University started on Wednesday, January 10th! We meet in the downstairs classroom from 6-8:00 p.m., but please come early as supper (with dessert) is being provided. This class is designed for couples (or single adults) who are ready to take control of their finances and manage them for God’s glory. Whether you are comfortably retired, living paycheck-to-paycheck, or somewhere in between, FPU is a wonderful tool for everyone! We’ll talk about budgeting, life insurance, getting out of debt, investing, and the behaviors that will help you achieve your goals. Still not sold on the idea? Come out Wednesday and find out what it’s all about.  You’ve got nothing to lose, and did we mention that there will be dessert?  If you have any questions, please contact Jayne or Clay ( OR We look forward to seeing you there!

FAMILY IN NEED: On January 2nd, Jeff Nixon (Dana and Steve’s son-in-law), was on his way to work and noticed smoke coming from a house.  He stopped, called 911, and was the first responder on the scene.  The family of 14 lost everything and is in extreme need.  If you are able to help in any way, please speak to Dana.  The ages and sizes of family members are: Boy – Size 3T/4T clothing, shoe size 5; Boy – Size 4T/5T clothing, shoe size 13; Boy – Size 5T, shoe size 12/13; Boy – Size 7, Shoe size 4/5; Diapers size 5 and wipes; Teen Girls 3 of them – Size 14/16 pants, XL Shirts, shoe sizes 9 for all girls; Teen Boy – Med/Large Stretchy pants, size 31/30 Jeans, Med/Large Shirts, Size 9 shoe; Teen Boy – 32/20 pants, Med/Large shirts, Size 11 Shoe; Mom – 2xl/3xl tops and pants, Size 9 Shoes, Dad – 32/20 pants, Med/Large tops; Adult Male – 30/32 pants, Med/large tops, Size 10 shoe.
PURLS OF WISDOM: Purls of Wisdom – Prayer Shawl Ministry will be meeting at the church on the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 am.  Come join us, we are all learning.  If you are interested in learning to knit or crochet, come to the meeting.  There are supplies available to get you started, so bring yourself and your desire to make a difference to others. Next meeting will be February 8th.

ALTAR GUILD: This is a quiet ministry that works in the background, but is a big part of the service each week. We are hoping to have a training session soon for those interested in learning more.  Everyone is welcome in learning more about serving as a member of the Altar Guild.  Talk to Lynette or George Schneider. Contact: Lynette: 618-979-3192, or George: 618-979-3194,

FOOD PANTRY: St. Michael’s supports the O’Fallon Food Pantry, as many of you know.  We do have a red wagon in the Narthex specifically for Food Pantry donations so please help us out in continuing with this ministry.  In January we are focusing on canned soups (chicken noodle, chicken rice, vegetable, bean & bacon), canned beans (please no black beans or garbanzos), canned ravioli, canned salmon, tuna and chicken, Hamburger Helper and pancake mix and syrup.  Thank you for your continued support!

MAILBOXES: There should be a mailbox in the Narthex for every family at St. Michael’s.  In it there should be a name tag for all members of your family.  If we have missed someone, please let Cathy or Polly know and it will be taken care of.

PARISH HALL : A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Clay Starwalt for taking leave in order to clean and wax the floors in the parish hall, and to Bob Koss and Will Hicks as Clay’s most able-bodied assistants!  They look amazing and we are very grateful.

BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS: Judy Meek – January 25; Brian Severns – January 26; Tiffany Tergesen – January 27

2018 USO AND FISHER HOUSE DONATIONS’ DRIVE (In Conjunction with the Southwest Chapter of MOAA) – with the passage of only one week since last Sunday’s kick-off of our 2018 St. Michael’s campaign, it’s too early to start reporting the ‘score’.  Instead, I’d like to briefly state for everyone’s edification the purposes of the two organizations.  I’ll also take this opportunity to restate the essentials of the 2018 campaign.
The United Services Organization (USO) is a private, non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide morale, welfare and recreational needs of our nation’s military community, active duty and veterans and their families, worldwide.  Its motto is “The USO …. Always By Their Side”.  The main local facility, known as The James S. McDonnell USO or more commonly as the USO of Missouri, is at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.
The Fisher House Foundation, a private, non-profit entity aligned with military hospitals and Veterans Administration Medical Centers (VAMCs), supports our troops and veterans by providing housing and other services for family members and caregivers during their extensive treatment and/or rehabilitation at military installations and VAMCs around the world.  Its motto could be, “A Home Away From Home.”  Their local facility, known as St. Louis Fisher House, is located at the Jefferson Barracks VAMC.
The essentials of our 2018 campaign are:  – The campaign has five weeks remaining.  It ends on Sunday, February 25 – The goal of the campaign is a combined total of $1,600.00 donated to the two  agencies.  – Separate checks should be made out to the USO of Missouri and to St. Louis          Fisher House, or if you desire, just one check to one agency.  – Hand your check(s) to me, or mail them to the church or to my home address (7342    Timberpoint Court, Fairview Heights, IL 62208)
The descriptions of the purposes of the USO and Fisher House above should be incentive enough to justify generous donations to them.  More significant, just knowing that those who ultimately benefit from our simple act of giving are sacrificing or have sacrificed to preserve our freedom and keep us safe should be solace to us that we can also play a part.
For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me, Nick Wartonick at 618-628-0858 or