Week of Sunday January 23rd

January 2022 Server Schedule (Revised)  |  February 2022 Server schedule

Readings for Sunday, January 23rd

This is the schedule of services I will be sending out live links to this Sunday. 


The announcements are being posted on this page and are updated weekly. They are not being printed in the Sunday bulletin. A few printed copies are available on the table in the Narthex. If you need help accessing any of the links or attachments, please contact the church office.

Sunday morning worship is Holy Eucharist Rite II at 9:30 am. 

COVID Mitigations – September 3, 2021:  The Governor has issued a state wide indoor mask mandate. Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing are best practices at all times and should be continued. You can see a list of all of the COVID mitigation changes here.


BIRTHDAYS:  Judy Meek 1/25, Kristie Anglin 1/27, and Tiffany Tergesen 1/27

There are no Altar Flower or Sanctuary Candle donors this week. The sign up sheets for 2022 have been posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, and there are many spots available if you would like to sign-up.

ANNUAL MEETING: The Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, January 30th following the service. The Annual Report was attached to this week’s announcements email. There are also printed copies available on the table in the Narthex. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the church office at (618) 632-6168 or

If you are interested in serving on the Mission Leadership Team (MLT), please contact Fr. Thorpe.

We are tentatively planning a potluck to accompany the meeting depending on the pandemic. A sign-up sheet is on the table in the Narthex.

While the potluck might be cancelled, the Annual Meeting WILL NOT BE cancelled. Please plan to attend in person if possible. The meeting will be live streamed for anyone who cannot attend in person; however, you will not be able to vote if you watch the live stream. You must be in person to count towards attendance and vote.

O’FALLON FOOD PANTRY/2022 SOUPER BOWL:  Thank you for your continuing support of the O’Fallon Food Pantry. As many of you know, traditionally each year on Super Bowl Weekend, we’ve participated in a community wide event known as the Souper Bowl. It is a competition among area churches to see which church can collect the most cans of soup/soup can equivalents (monetary donations are counted at the rate of $1.00 = 1 can). Thanks to your very generous support, St. Michael’s has been the champion a number of times. Last year we finished a close second in the final standings. To date, we have not received notification that a competition will be held this year, but we would like to carry on the tradition and collect soup/monetary donations on Super Bowl Weekend, February 12 – 13,  2022 in support of the O’Fallon Food Pantry. You may bring your cans of soup with you if you plan to attend church that Sunday, or drop them off at the church on Saturday, Feb 12th. If you prefer to make a monetary donation, these can be mailed to the church office but need to be received by that weekend. Please add “Souper Bowl Donation” on the memo line of your check. If you have any questions, please contact Nels Wilt at (618) 977-1115, Bob Koss (618) 593-7312 or Yasemin Koss (618) 593-7688.

DRIED PALMS FOR ASH WEDNESDAY:  If you have any palms from past Palm Sunday’s that you do not wish to keep, please bring them to the church and place them in the basket on the table in the Narthex. Since they have been blessed, the best way to dispose of them is by burning them. If you bring your dried palms to the church by Sunday, February 20th, we will burn them, and use the ashes on Ash Wednesday.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: We sent two shawls to a fallen soldier’s family in St. Louis last week. One was mailed to her mother and the other one to her sister. May they find some comfort and peace with these gifts from our church. 

We will have our first meeting of the year on Thursday, January 20, in the Parish Hall downstairs from 10am until 12pm. Please join us for a cup of coffee and fellowship.

JACK MOELMANN passed away on Thursday, December 30, 2021. His funeral is being planned for Saturday, April 2nd, Jack’s birthday. Please keep Jack in your prayers. You can read his obituary here.

MATMAKERS ARTICLE:  There was a wonderful article in the newspaper recently about the matmakers project. You can read it here.

MATMAKERS MEETING: Thank you to the hard workers of our matmakers group:  Julie Weinacht, Julaine Ingersoll, Betsy Cundiff, Rosemary Mellan, Debbie LaFrienere, June Dublar, Cindy Blanchette and Marion Rose. We delivered a dozen mats before the cold wet weather arrived two weeks ago. We now have another supply, ready and waiting for delivery when another onset of inclement weather arrives.

If you would like to join our group in person, (we have lots of fun!) please meet with us on Thursday mornings in the lower level of the church at 10:00am. If you would like to work on something at home, we can arrange that, too. Please contact Judie Payne (618) 530-6236 with any questions.

ANNUAL SAUSAGE AND PANCAKE SUPPER 2022:  We are planning for our next Pancake Day on Tuesday, March 1. Please add it to your calendar. There will be more information coming soon. Please contact Bill Dusenbery with any questions.

O’FALLON FOOD PANTRY:  This month we are focusing on bath soap, toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner for our church’s collection. When you bring these items, please put them on the small table in the Nave or in the basket in the Narthex. Any questions, please call Yasemin Koss at 618-593-7688.

PRAYING FOR YOU CARDS:  St Michael’s has a meaningful way to let your family members or friends know our congregation is praying for them when their name is placed on our prayer list.

Sometimes, names are placed on the list in the bulletin, and the person does not realize we are praying for them each week. After placing a name on the prayer list, on Sunday keep your bulletin with the person’s name in it. Then stop by the table in the narthex and pick up one of our beautifully printed cards with our rose window on the front, fill it out, and place in the provided church envelope along with the bulletin. Then send it to the person whose name you placed in the bulletin. It’s a beautiful way to let them know our entire congregation is praying for them whether they are near or far away. 

HELP WITH PASTORAL CARE:  We are asking our members to help once again with Pastoral Care. Due to COVID, members of our congregation are again finding themselves between jobs and need assistance with rent, utilities, and gas money as well as rides to doctors’ appointments and grocery pickup. We financially help them though the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund. If you are able, please make a generous donation to the ST. MICHAEL’S VICAR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND, marking in the memo line that it is for Pastoral Care. If you are able to assist in providing rides or grocery pickups, please call Debbie LaFreniere (703-498-7208) or Ann Wilt  (618-977-1187). Thank you for supporting this ministry.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL: Fr. Thorpe is leading an Adult Education Program following church on Sundays. These weekly classes will begin at 11am in the Parish Hall. Coffee will be available. You can also participate from home on zoom. The link will be emailed to you with the Friday announcements email.

We will not have Sunday School on January 23. Sunday School will resume on February 6th, and we will continue our book study of How to Revive Evangelism.

  • How to Revive Evangelism – This 8-sesson course will focus on the new book, How to Revive Evangelism, by Craig Springer, CEO of Alpha in the United States. Springer brings together the latest demographic studies and opinion polls with a Christian passion for reaching the lost. Have you ever thought “We have something special here at St. Michael’s, and I wish I could share it with more people?” Maybe you think something isn’t quite hitting the mark. Maybe the idea of evangelism intimidates you. This book ties in scripture and specifically Jesus’ teachings and helps us see a way to share our faith with others that is authentic and inviting. If you’ve ever wondered how to talk to our community and especially younger generations of people about spirituality and faith, this class is for you. If you wish, you can order a paperback or ebook copy of the book online.

STAYING IN TOUCH: We’d like to know if there are any members who are ill, feeling isolated, or in need of basics that we can provide.  Please keep the communications coming to the church office via email at or by phone at 618-632-6168.  

PASTORAL CARE: If you know of a member with a pastoral need or who is in the hospital, please contact Fr. John Thorpe or Amy Konieczny.



The Election Committee would like to thank the faithful of the Diocese of Springfield for your support these twenty-two months while we worked to elect the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield. The Electing Synod met on Saturday, December 11th and the Very Reverend Brian Kendall Burgess was elected, concluding the work of the Election Committee.

The ordination of the new bishop is scheduled to take place on May 21, 2022, in Springfield, with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry acting as chief consecrator. This final communication from the Election Committee will answer some questions you may have about the consent process and introduce the Transition Committee.

What is the difference between an ordination and consecration? The point in the liturgy where they lay hands on the ordinand is the consecration. The liturgy is known as the ordination. An analogous concept is christening and baptism. Naming someone is a part of the baptism liturgy, but it isn’t the entirety of it. Similarly, consecrating the ordinand is part of the ordination.

What happens between the election and the ordination? The Canons of the Episcopal Church require both a majority of diocesan bishops and a majority of diocesan standing committees to consent to the election in order to proceed with the ordination and consecration. Once the official forms from the secretary of synod are filed naming the bishop elect, and the bishop elect’s physical and psychological exams are filed, the presiding bishop’s office starts the consent process, which must be completed within 120 days. There are 110 dioceses in the Episcopal Church and at least 56 diocesan bishops and 56 standing committees must consent. A consent form is sent to each diocesan bishop and each standing committee separately, giving each a yes or no response option.

Why does the consent process exist? The consent process exists because we are an episcopal church, and not for example, a congregational or diocesan church. All the dioceses together make up the Episcopal Church and therefore each diocese has an investment in every other diocese to see that order is maintained. Bishops are elected to a place, so Fr. Brian Burgess was elected the Bishop of Springfield. In so doing, the Diocese of Springfield, which is a part of the greater whole of the Episcopal Church, is held accountable by the rest of the church, just as every other diocese is. Therefore, there is a consent process that includes bishops, clergy, and laity of the church requiring them to affirm the decision of the Diocese of Springfield.

Continuing the work toward the ordination of the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, a Transition Committee has been appointed with members as follows:

  • Kevin Babb, ChairSt. Andrew’s, Edwardsville
  • Fr. Christopher Ashmore, Trinity, Jacksonville
  • Erin McCrary, St. John’s, Centralia
  • Claire Ribelin, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Springfield
  • Len Harris, Church of the Redeemer, Cairo

The Transition Committee members will be updating you in the future, as well as handling innumerable other tasks such as helping the bishop elect move to the Diocese of Springfield, ordering vestments, and planning the ordination. We on the Election Committee want to again thank you for your prayers, and as a final request, we ask that you continue to pray for the Diocese of Springfield, adding the bishop-elect, his family, and the Transition Committee.

The Election Committee for the 12th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield

  • The Very Reverend Sherry Black, Chair (March 2020 – May 2021), St. Mark’s, West Frankfort
  • The Very Reverend Zachary Brooks, Trinity, Jacksonville
  • Mary Ann Denney, St. Luke’s, Springfield
  • Jan Goosens, St. Thomas’, Glen Carbon
  • William Jackson, St. Luke’s, Springfield
  • James Keith, St. John’s, Decatur
  • Don Kensell, St. John the Baptist, Mt. Carmel
  • Roy Laws, St. Matthew’s, Bloomington
  • Rod Matthews, co-Chair (Mar 2020 – May 2021), Chair (June 2021 – Dec 2021), Christ the King, Normal
  • Charles Rice, St. Paul’s, Carlinville
  • Fredna Scroggins, St. Andrew’s, Edwardsville
  • Norm Taylor, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Springfield
  • Bill Techau, Emmanuel Memorial, Champaign
  • Kelley Wegeng, The Chapel of St. John the Divine, Champaign
  • The Reverend David Wells, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Springfield

For all of the updates on the Election Committee’s work, please visit the Bishop Search Blog here.  The approved timeline for the election and consecration of our 12th Bishop may be viewed on the Diocese of Springfield website. You can find the Q&A page here.

Something you can do is pray for us and the Diocese of Springfield:  Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on this your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a bishop for this Diocese, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will guard the faith, care for your people, and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

DIOCESAN NEWSLETTER:  If you know of someone who would like to receive the Diocesan e-newsletter, but does not, please direct them to the online sign up form here.