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November 17, 2019

ALTAR FLOWERS are given in thanksgiving for St. Michael’s Church by Dennis and Roxanne Amos.

SANCTUARY CANDLES AND ALTAR FLOWERS: Donating a candle in honor or memory of someone special in your life is a wonderful way to pay tribute to them, enrich our worship experience and glorify God. There are still many weeks open this year to sponsor a candle. The sign-up sheets for sanctuary candles and altar flowers for 2020 are also available on the bulletin board in the administration hallway.

ANGEL TREE GIFTS: Today, Sunday Nov. 17th, the Angel Tree has been set up with all the ornament tags on it. These gifts are given to families of the Violence Prevention Center in Belleville. Please take some tags and bring the gifts back no later than December 1th, in time for their December 4th party. All gifts should be wrapped and the Angel Ornaments and tags attached. This year we will have 100 tags, so please be generous and take several.

The Violence Prevention Center in Belleville is a haven for people in domestic violence situations, involved in programs where they are encouraged to express their feelings safely, to solve conflicts in peaceful ways and to build positive family relationships.

The Angel Tree is one of the Outreach Committee’s and St. Michael’s most joyful yearly projects. It is very humbling to see how generous the people of our congregation are with their time and resources, so once again we ask for your support.

ANNUAL STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN: Thank you to everyone who has turned in their pledge card for 2020! The remainder have been removed from the mailboxes in the narthex and mailed out. Completed pledge cards can be returned by mailing them back to the office, placing them in the offertory, or handing them directly to the wardens or treasurer. If you have misplaced your card, there are extras available in the narthex. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and for continuing to generously pledge your time, treasure, and talent to St. Michael’s Church.

THE MISSIONER ARTICLE: An article was published in The Missioner about students at Nashotah House including Dante Anglin. It is posted on the administration hallway bulletin board. Please stop and read it!

O’FALLON COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING: Instead of preparing several baskets of food for the needy families as we used to do, we are contributing items to the Thanksgiving meal, provided at Faith Lutheran Church on Hwy 50, O’Fallon on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 28. Your donations of canned green beans or corn, chicken broth, dessert, saran wrap and aluminum foil are very appreciated. Please bring them to church as soon as possible. Any questions or to volunteer, please contact Bob or Yasemin Koss (628-2968). Thank you very much for your kindness.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: We are considering starting Sunday School again, and are looking for members who want to be part of the team! There are four so far, but the more the merrier. We need six participants to get this off the ground (two per Sunday School class). More are welcome, since many hands make light work. It’s a commitment of 20 minutes before Mass during the school year, ending at the end of May. If we get enough people, this will start in January. Please contact Mike Konieczny for more information.

BAKE SALE IS COMING! Our cookie and other baked goods sale will be on Sunday, December 8th, 2019 from 11am -1:30pm in our parish hall. Bakers of St. Michael’s, get ready to start baking for this fundraiser. This has been a very successful event in the past, so let’s keep up the good work and let our friends and neighbors know about it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Yasemin Koss (618-593-7688) or June Dublar (618-971-7090).

2019 FESTIVAL OF TREES: The Collinsville Maryville Caseyville Rotary Club is hosting the annual Festival of Trees at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville on December 11,2019. For more information or to purchase tickets see the brochue on the downstairs bulletin board or visit

CHURCHMAN ORDO CALENDARS ARE IN! If you want a 2020 Church Year Guide, stop into the church office and talk to Tiffany Tergesen. Only $2.00 per calender.

DO YOU LIKE TO COLOR WITH PENCILS OR CRAYONS? “Slow down. Quiet. It’s Advent.” and “Choirs of Angels” posters are available in the narthex for your coloring enjoyment for the upcoming season. Pick some up before they’re gone!

MAT-MAKERS’ GROUP: Our mat makers’ group has started up for the fall. We meet on Thursday mornings from 10-12. We have a loyal, fun group and would love to have you join us. Our mission is to help the homeless during the coming cold-weather months. If you can fold, cut, crochet or just like to visit, we need you! Please come! Any questions please contact Judie Payne at Thank you.

HELP!: In search of volunteers for the St. Michael’s financial committee. Please contact Clay Starwalt at 850-582-3957 or

UPDATE ON PIG PROJECT AND RED, WHITE AND BLUE ELEPHANT AUCTION: Thank you for your generous contribution to our Mortgage Reduction by filling your Penny Pigs and for participating in last Sunday’s Red, White and Blue Elephant Auction! Both were so successful! The Pink Pigs came home and we raised $537.28, to be applied to the balance on the church’s mortgage.

Please remember to pick up your Pigs to start collecting change again! If you don’t have one, there is a box by the Narthex table and any spare change you find in pockets, laundry, cars or drawers can be saved in the Pig for the next ingathering. Adopt one today!

Last Sunday’s auction was SO MUCH FUN! As usual we had some great competition and once the packages were opened we had some wonderful, fun, and silly “prizes.” Just ask Co Soulé for a pen to write all of it down. We raised $1,046!
Thank you for your generosity for these two events!